About Syracuse 

Our experience and vision is a strong combination for non-everyday challenges that await "the railway"

We realized at an early stage that the ongoing digitization of ICT management via - among other things - real-time monitoring of ICT networks, only works when data is converted into management information for concrete management activities.   

Syracuse has its roots in advising IT organizations. At the time, the focus was on how ICT organizations could be set up to support the business objectives of organizations as well as possible. We realized at an early stage that digitization of ICT management via real-time monitoring of - among other things - ICT networks only works if this data is converted into control information for operational management - corrective and preventive maintenance. We gradually realized that this - and other common IT management processes - does not only apply to IT companies with IT assets, but to all companies that actively participate in or participate in asset management.

We believe it is essential that, in addition to a so-called digital reality (digital twin), an administrative reality is also recorded in a configuration management database. This contains information about the object and the relationships that a system or object has with other systems or objects per system or object. Based on this information, projects or changes can be carried out in a controlled manner, because specialists can estimate the impact and risk (chance x effect) on their managed systems and objects and take necessary mitigating measures. If this is not in order and you cannot rely on it, then management can only be started through "inventories". This is a waste of time and money.   

We like to be challenged to think along. Perhaps we can offer you perspectives that you have not yet thought of.

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