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Project management 

Syracuse provides professional project managers and leaders with a passion for the rail sector. In addition to delivering the requested primary products and functions of assets and / or IT systems, a Syracuse project manager always keeps an eye on the management and exploitation phase. After all: 80% of the costs are incurred in the management and operation phase of the total life cycle of an object or system.

In this way we lead - for example - a project that designs, builds and implements a completely new ICT infrastructure for the 24/7 operation of OCCR 2.0. Syracuse is also closely involved in technical changes to ProRail's Kijfhoek improvement program.


Syracuse provides experienced advisors who can clarify the problem definition of your organization's question, because they oversee the entire playing field, including all stakeholders. This way, Syracuse can screen and organize your asset or IT organization.

We did this - among other things - for the management of Tunnel Technical Installations and for the Operational Control Center Rail. In addition, we draw up company rules and regulations for various technical domains of ProRail, with which contracts are controlled. We have also designed and applied a management process for the management of these company rules and regulations.

We also draw up requirements specifications and H&S plans for contractors for the implementation of infrastructure projects. Syracuse has also drawn up the maintenance plan for a System Integrator for the train protection infrastructure of the Hoekse Lijn and we helped an engineering firm with the initial organization of BIM.

Turn-key rail-bound buildings

In recent years, Syracuse has been closely involved in the entire lifecycle of rail-bound buildings such as substations, relay houses, street cabinets and telecom areas. This for both Heavy and Light rail. The focus was on the integration of building - with building related installations and the use of innovative sustainable cooling principles. Turn-key rail bound buildings were delivered in collaboration with civil construction partners, civil designers and installation companies.

From the commissioning and contracting phase (UAV-GC), Syracuse was involved in projects, such as: the Train Safety Replacement Program and the NoorderSpoort Project. In collaboration with partners, a civil design and design for the building-related installations was drawn up, with the focus of Syracuse on all activities related to requirements analysis, requirements verification and design justifications.

The prefab building was then produced and installed, after which the building-related installations were realized. In the inspection phase and delivery of documentation, Syracuse was again in the lead, after which the building was handed over to the client. Finally, plans were drawn up for the demolition of various rail-bound buildings that were carried out by partners, as well as management and maintenance of existing rail-bound buildings. Finally, Syracuse was hired to conduct a Second opinion on a study of sustainable rail bound buildings.

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